Gary Morgan DipBS CFP AFA is the sole director of Morgan Taylor Limited, and is the firm’s qualified professional Authorised Financial Adviser. No advisory work is undertaken by anyone but Gary.

Morgan Taylor Limited offers a specialist investment advisory service, catering for a wide range of clients. These services are further broken down into three distinct processes. Investment Portfolio Design, Investment Portfolio Implementation Services, and Investment Portfolio Monitoring Service.

To facilitate theses services, the firm has relationships with a large range of investment product providers and issuers. However, the firm is not “tied” to any of these financial organisations and has no “quotas” to fill.

In designing and building investment portfolios, the firm subscribes to a “Modern Portfolio Theory” approach which is internationally accepted as a prudent approach to portfolio design affording high levels of diversification across several investment sectors. It also affords a strong disciplined approach to the problem of ongoing management of the portfolio, and allows the removal of emotions whilst forcing the investor to be counter cyclical in nature. All of these factors are key ingredients in the recipe for long term success.

When building investment portfolios the firm predominantly uses the managed fund approach and carries independent external research to aid the selection of appropriate funds.  In addition to this, the firm also carries ongoing product information supplied by the providers themselves and other external sources. In addition Gary regularly attends investment briefings and regularly meets with the fund managers themselves, the firm putting much store in the benefit of “face to face” meetings and evaluations.

Regardless of the service required by the client, as a matter of principle, before any work is undertaken, a written quotation is supplied to the client for approval.

A Primary Disclosure Statement for Gary Morgan, an Authorised Financial Adviser, is available on request and free of charge.

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Gary Morgan DipBS CFP AFA

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